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Best Wild Camping Spots in Ireland

Wild camping in Ireland offers a unique experience for adventure seekers and nature enthusiasts. With its stunning landscapes, breathtaking coastlines, and rich cultural heritage, the Wild Atlantic Way is the ultimate destination for wild camping. In this guide, we’ll explore the best wild camping spots in Ireland, highlight key locations like Achill Island and Kerry, and introduce you to the best campervan sites in Ireland. Let’s get started!

What is Wild Camping?

Wild camping refers to setting up your tent or parking your campervan in areas that are not designated campsites. This allows you to immerse yourself fully in nature, away from the hustle and bustle of tourist hotspots. While wild camping in Ireland is generally tolerated, it’s important to respect the environment and follow the Leave No Trace principles.

Top Wild Camping Spots in Ireland

1. Achill Island

Achill Island is one of the most popular wild camping spots in Ireland. Located off the west coast, it boasts dramatic cliffs, sandy beaches, and picturesque villages. Keem Bay, with its crystal-clear waters and stunning scenery, is a favorite spot for wild campers.

2. Kerry

Kerry, known for its rugged landscapes and scenic beauty, is another top destination for wild camping. The Ring of Kerry offers numerous secluded spots where you can set up camp and enjoy the serene surroundings. The Dingle Peninsula, with its sweeping views and historic sites, is also a must-visit.

3. Connemara

Connemara, in County Galway, is renowned for its wild and unspoiled beauty. The region’s mountains, bogs, and coastline provide countless opportunities for wild camping. Lough Inagh and Killary Harbour are particularly popular among campers.

Best Campervan Sites in Ireland

If you prefer a bit more convenience while still enjoying the great outdoors, the following are some of the best campsites in Ireland and specifically along the Wild Atlantic Way:

1. Nagle’s Doolin Camping & Caravan Park

Located in the charming village of Doolin, this site is perfect for exploring the Cliffs of Moher and the Burren. It offers all essential amenities, including shower facilities and waste disposal sites.

2. Clifden Eco Beach Camping & Caravanning Park

This eco-friendly site in Connemara provides direct access to a private beach. It’s an ideal spot for those who love coastal views and want to experience wild camping with some added comfort.

3. Wavecrest Camping Park

Situated in Caherdaniel, Kerry, this site offers stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean. It’s a great base for exploring the Ring of Kerry and enjoying various outdoor activities.

Tips for Wild Camping on the Wild Atlantic Way

  1. Respect the Environment: Always follow Leave No Trace principles. Take all your rubbish with you and avoid disturbing wildlife.
  2. Stay Safe: Be mindful of weather conditions, as they can change rapidly. Ensure you have adequate supplies and a reliable means of communication.
  3. Check Local Regulations: While wild camping is generally tolerated, always check for local regulations and restrictions.

The Ultimate Road Trip Resource

To make your wild camping adventure even better, consider using The Ultimate Road Trip Resource. This app is your go-to guide for discovering the best places to camp in Ireland. It provides information on accommodation, toilet and shower facilities, waste disposal sites, and exclusive discounts across the country. Whether you’re looking for wild camping spots in Ireland or the best campervan sites in Ireland, this app has got you covered.


Wild camping in Ireland, particularly along the Wild Atlantic Way, offers an unparalleled opportunity to connect with nature and experience the country’s raw beauty. From the rugged cliffs of Achill Island to the serene landscapes of Kerry, there are endless possibilities for adventure. So pack your gear, book a Volkswagen campervan with Cookies Campers, download The Ultimate Road Trip Resource, and set off on an unforgettable journey through the best wild camping spots in Ireland!

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